Product Review – Naturtint Permanent Hair Colourant 

I have not coloured my hair since before my daughter who is now 16 month is born.  I was worried about exposing her to the chemicals in the hair colourants. When ever I had coloured my hair in the past using a home dye kit, the house has always had a strong smell of chemicals. When using them, they gave me a headache and made me feel dizzy.


When I saw this home dye kit had no harsh chemicals, is free from ammonia, parabens and made from  vegetable Ingredients I decided to give it ago. So here is my honest review.


I used the honey blonde colour, my hair was a dark blonde before hand.

The packaging looks like many leading brands you can get in the supermarkets etc. Inside the box there is two separate bottles of mixtures that you mix together, a pair of gloves, a sachet of shampoo and a tube of conditioner as well as instructions on how to mix the dye and apply it.


You mix the dye the same way as you would with many of the leading brands, you shake the mixed mixture for 2 minutes and then apply to dry hair. It was easy to get good coverage on my hair. There was absolutely no horrible smells from the mixture at all. It did drip a little as I applied it to my hair but not as bad as others I have used.

When applied it needed to be left on for 30 minutes which I felt was a long time compared to some of the other brands I have used as many now you can wash off in 10-15 minutes. As it doesn’t smell it is not such an issue though.

When I rinsed the dye out of my hair after 30 minutes, my hair actually felt horribly rough. I needed to put quite a bit of the conditioner on to make if feel smooth and even then I felt it still benefited from a little bit of coconut oil. This fixed the “rough” feeling though so not a big problem.




 The end result though is what I would expect with a leading brand from the supermarket, I can’t say it is better but it certainly isn’t worse. My hair feels lovely, smooth and healthy with a nice shine. The main benefit of this colourant is that is without any harsh and nasty chemical.

Product description

  • Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant with Vegetable Ingredients

  • The leading alternative hair colour in the UK health market and fastest growing colorant in Spain

  • Colours can be mixed easily & economically to create an infinite range

  • No ammonia, parabens or resorcinol – dermatologically tested

  • Covers 100% grey and can lighten up to 2 shades at a time

  • Enriched with Soya, Corn, Coconut and Wheat Extracts

  • Selected certified organic ingredients

  • Adds wonderful shine and vitality to the hair.

Naturtint hair color products are manufactured to the very highest international standards using ecofriendly, biodegradable packaging. They are also suitable for vegans and against animal testing.

You can click this link for Naturtint Permanent Hair Colorant in honey blonde

Claire Eco Stuff also has a range colourants in other shades


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    Very pretty 🙂

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