Switch to Eco Friendly products! 5 products £5 or LESS

Switching to Eco Friendly products? All products £5! or LESS

Buying Eco Friendly products has lots of benefits. Being free from harsh chemicals is less damaging to you, your family and the environment

Some people often say to me that Ecofriendly products cost more money than the usual brand they buy. I don’t think this is true unless you are buying items of lesser quality. Obviously you can get things cheaper however items such as bin bags often are thinner and rip, so you use more of them. The washing powder packets are smaller so you need to buy more of them plus these products often contain harmful chemicals which are damaging to your skin, health and environmentally You also get the satisfaction that you are buying responsibly and taking care of your health and the environment It is good to know that you are doing your bit.

To show that being Ecofriendly and buying products free from harsh chemicals I am going to show you 5 products from my online shop that all cost £5 or LESS!

  1. A good place to start is switching your bin bags to degradable ones.  They will completely degrade to H2O and CO2 within a period of 12 – 18 months, unlike the typical plastic bag that will be around for about 400 – 1000 years! Only £2.29 for 20 bags!


  2. To clean your house, go back to the traditional methods! White Vinegar, is a cleaning solution that has been passed down generations for a good reason!  White Vinegar is mildly acidic, making it an extremely versatile multi-purpose cleaner, and perfect for a range of uses! Only £1.29


  3. BIO D Washing up liquid, A concentrated effective washing-up liquid – tough on grease, yet containing vegetable glycerine which helps keep sensitive skin in a supple condition. Only £2.29washing-up-liquid

  4. Soap nuts – Eco friendly alternative to soap,detergent and shampoo. Soap Nuts laundry soap nuts are the pods (or nut shells) from the soap nut tree – a natural, organic cleaning product which comes from an entirely renewable source that grows in tropical climates. The soap nut tree is a large deciduous tree with fleshy fruit like a berry. The skin of the berry (the soap nut) contains 12-15% saponin, which is similar to soap and is the active natural cleaning agent. Soap nuts are natural, organic cleaning and are ideal for sensitive skin. Only £4.99soapnutsdisp

  5. Magic eraser -clean stubborn stains, grease and marks without the use of harsh chemicals! This really is Magic! Shifts stubborn deep-seated stains, crayons from walls, scuff marks, baked on grease, mould. The possibilities are endless! £2.29


For more products or to shop please go to claire eco stuff 

About claireecostuff

I am a independent distributor for WIKANIKO.
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1 Response to Switch to Eco Friendly products! 5 products £5 or LESS

  1. isleofazure says:

    Hey Girl,
    The way I look at it, eco is 100 times better because rather pay a little more than a hospital bill 🙂
    Thanks as always for the great tips, will look into those soap nuts, makes sense so am sure it will work.

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