5 Ecofriendly Health and beauty products! Under £10

5 Eco Friendly Health, personal care and Beauty products! £10 or less!

Are you putting nasty chemicals on to your skin every day. Most beauty products that we use everyday contain nasty chemicals that are damaging to our health! From our make up (foundation, lipsticks, etc) , body creams, toothpaste, deodorants as well as our hair care products.

Parabens are in most products on shop shelves, though there are becoming more products that are now free of parabens. Parabens are preservatives that are used to extend the use by date of products however they have been found in almost all breast cancer tumours.  I now actively make sure I avoid products with parabens for me and my daughters.

Sodium Lauryl sulfates are foaming agents found in toothpaste, shampoo, soap etc. They are linked to skin conditions, liver damage and also suspected to be linked to cancer. 

These are just two chemicals that I will look to see if they are on the ingredients list of beauty products that I buy.

The products that I list below are all free from harsh nasty chemicals and made from safe gentle ingredients.

 All products are under £10 and can be found at Claire Eco Stuff

1.Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant Stone £4.99

Free From Parabens and alcohol Safe for the whole family! Lasts for ages!!


2.Faith in Nature Exfoliating Face & Body Polish! £6.29

Exfoliating Face & Body Polish refines your skin’s surface by removing dead skin cells, whilst gently polishing and leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft and revitalised


3.Fractionated Coconut Oil. Only £4.99


While more people are familiar with the usage and benefits of coconut oil, there are only a handful of people who are aware of the advantages of Fractionated Coconut Oil. In this variety of coconut oil, the smaller fatty acid triglycerides are taken out from the coconut oil, and this process does not involve chemicals. Due to this, this variety of coconut oil is light and does not have a staining effect as compared to the whole coconut oil.

If you are not familiar with the benefits of coconut oil, you will be amazed to learn that it is not only used as hair and skin care, but also considered as good cooking medium.

The combination of coconut oil along with lemon is increasingly used in the Indian subcontinent as a hair strengthening and conditioning agent. The oil is heated and applied to the scalp and hair. It is believed that application of coconut oil helps to keep your hair free from dandruff and provides protection from the environmental pollution. Besides this, it is also used for enhancing growth of hair. In fact, there are various brands of shampoo that contain traces of coconut oil for nourishment of hair.

New born babies are often smeared with coconut oil as it keeps their skin soft and supple.

Coconut oil: In a nutshell

When it comes to coconut oil, the benefits extend beyond the normal beauty effects and the health benefits of this oil should not be overlooked. It is considered as a safe cooking medium that aids in metabolism, easily digestible and required for proper functioning of some of the major glands in the body. This oil can be applied on the skin and hair before taking a bath to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised for a longer time.

While whole coconut oil is useful, fractionated coconut oil is even better for skin, and it does not have the greasy effect, which is sometimes undesirable to people who use coconut oil.

4.Sarakan Toothpaste £2.79

Sarakan toothpaste and mouth fresh were first developed 40 years ago by a British army doctor serving in India. He noticed that the Indian people seemed to have good teeth and gums despite their generally low quality of nutrition.

Looking into the reasons why it appeared it was the regular use of chewing on sticks from a shrub called Salvadora persica, or the “toothbrush tree.” This plant is widespread throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia and is well-known for its powerful antiseptic and curative properties.

They are suitable for both adults and children, contain no sugar, alcohol, artificial colours or preservatives and are sodium lauryl sulphate free.

5 Concealer – Fairly Light £9.29

 A light peachy shade for fair skin.


Our healing mineral concealers contain Allantoin to heal damaged skin and promote skin regeneration which makes them perfect for use on blemishes too. You can also use them to control oil and they are particularly effective if brushed onto the T-zone before applying foundation and will keep your complexion matt and shine free all day.

Click Here for a FREE E book on How To Beat Cancer and Other Major Illnesses The Natural Way . It contains useful information about the chemicals found in our food and products that we use every day that could be making us ill. It is well worth a read!

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2 Responses to 5 Ecofriendly Health and beauty products! Under £10

  1. isleofazure says:

    As always an excellent informative post, very right about Coconut Oi, it is the best oil for your hair, body and skin, has over 100 uses. Love to apply in hair, so light, adds shine and keeps my strands moisturized and healthy. Thank you Eco Mom 🙂

  2. Thank you for reading 🙂 I agree, I love coconut oil! It has so many uses, love it for my baby. 🙂

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