Social Media Course ~ Become a social media whizz !

I wanted to share with you this fantastic course because since I started working at home, I have found how little I knew about Social media, and how it is such a vital tool for me. It has been such a learning curve.

Social media can be a mind field, with so many different social media sites from Facebook, twitter, pinterest, you tube. Social media is also growing and changing so fast it is becoming harder to keep up with it.   However it is also a powerful marketing tool, you just need to know how to use it correctly.
Many small  businesses and individuals start their facebook pages etc and wonder why they are not getting “likes,”  “comments” and more importantly sales.  Well it could be because you are actually doing it wrong! This course will make it easier to get to grips with social media but also and most importantly the course will give you the knowledge needed to turn your business into a success!  

The course costs just £99 and is value at £4000 so is an amazing opportunity at a great price.  I see it as a £99 investment into your business as the rewards could be amazing.

To purchase this course simply go to Claire Eco Stuff, click on the shop tab and scroll down to social media. You can then simply add the course to your shopping basket, check out and your set to go! or check out my Facebook page for the link

Course description

“This training course has been specifically designed to help mums with kids, carers, physically challenged, retired, redundant, in fact – anyone who seriously wants to make a regular income in their own time, and for doing something really worthwhile. Social media – facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, youtube, etc. is moving rapidly – in fact, so fast that 99% of people don’t know how to do it properly. This includes private individuals, self employed, and small businesses. The other major factor is that they simply do not have the time, energy or resources to keep up, and as a result, they know they are missing out on masses of business.

This is where you step in! We train you online in all aspects of social media, and one on one tuition and support. We then keep you regularly updated as SM changes, and we provide online workshops too.

Anyone will tell you that it costs fortunes for these people to employ SM managers. You will bridge that gap, and provide a superb service at a reasonable price, whereby you both benefit.

This social media course cost over £4000 to produce. It is your opportunity to get the income that you want, working with the tutors on a recognised course, and to allow you to either promote your own products, opportunity, etc. via social media, or get paid a regular income managing other people’s social media worldwide (there is no limit) or both!

As soon as you pay for your course (you have a statutory 14 day money-back guarantee so you can check it out fully) we will send you the link to get started.

We look forward to helping you build an income from home – possibly greater than any income you could get working for anyone else – and being a recognised social media guru – in less than 30 days from now!”

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Bringing up baby eco friendly

Bringing up baby Eco Friendly! (Part one!)

I am a mum to a 15 month old baby girl and trying to make our home as eco friendly as possible and not expose my children to harsh chemicals, I took a look at what products we use in our home around our baby.


When my baby was new-born, my intention was not to use baby wipes at all, after water is the purest thing to use. However after 3 months of cleaning up the pooh of a breast-fed baby, I soon relented. However it was good to know I could get fragrance free, organic wipes that are free from chemicals such as parabens!

These Jackson Reese wipes are not only organic, without fragrance and alcohol free, they are also biodegradable, and recyclable. They  do not contain any potential irritants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Alcohol, Lanolin, Phthalates, MIT, Parabens, Triclosan, Propylene glycol, Petro Chemicals,   Phenoxyethanol, Benzoates or Soap.


To bath baby this Organic Baby Shampoo &  body wash is lovely! It contains no suspect ingredients. My baby girl loves her bath time, not so keen on having her hair washed but I find I can wash her hair quickly by adding this to the bath water and rinsing her head, she is to busy playing with the bubbles she doesn’t even notice.


When she has cradle cap, I personally use olive oil or Coconut oil , completely natural products rather than baby oil. Coconut oil has always done the trick for us. If coconut oil doesn’t work for you, than you could try this cradle cap lotion that is made from Aloe Vera gel and Rose hip oil from the mountains in Chile.


For me, I think the must have product with a baby is Coconut Oil, it is completely natural and is one product that has many uses.

  • Clear up nappy rash
  • Cradle Cap
  • body lotion, (dry skin etc)
  • You can even use it yourself, on your hair and skin.

No need for loads of different products for you and baby, so safe on space, packaging and money!


As for nappies I love bamboo cloth nappies as they are really absorbent and I can get all in ones that are easy to use plus you can get so many funky patterns, I love to get them from independent sellers, You can get custom ones if you find someone who makes them. (Check out Etsy!)

You can also get bamboo nappy liners and bamboo towels. Bamboo towels are super soft to dry baby in.

bambootowelsdisp_2 (1)nappy-liners-disopmicrofibrenappylinerdisp

And I just have to share these bamboo socks for baby as they are just so adorable! (Read my past blog entry on “bamboo instead of cotton”  about the benefits of bamboo)


Have a look at for a range of baby products, bamboo towels and coconut oil as well as a range of eco friendly products.

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Product Review ~ Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Shampoo


Both myself and my daughter have problems with dry hair after washing and after hearing about the benefits of aloe vera we were both keen on trying this Aloe vera shampoo. My daughter after reading a blog mentioned her concern about the ingredients in the shampoo was the cause for her dry hair that felt “rough”. She requested a shampoo with Aloe vera.

I am concerned about the use of chemicals that my children are exposed too and I am always checking ingredients and doing what I can to reduce these chemicals in our family home. My daughter washes her hair 3 times a week, that is 3 times a week she could be rubbing and absorbing harmful chemicals into her scalp.

Faith in Nature are a range of beauty, skin and personal care products that are Organic, vegan and cruelty free. They have an amazing wide range of products, from shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and deodorants and much more.

Faith in Nature seemed the prefect choice. It is made from organic natural ingredients and has less suspect ingredients in. It contains no Parabens which are thought to cause cancer on its list.
Faith in Nature Aloe Vera shampoo, is an ecofriendly choice, as well as being organic the bottle is made of biodegradable materials and are free from phthalates


So how did we find Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Shampoo.

Well it smelled wonderful, it is always nice to have a lovely smelling shampoo. It has a lovely natural fresh outdoors smell and doesn’t have that horrible chemical smell. I found that only a small amount was needed,just a small blob.  It did not lather a large amount however was still easy to cover all hair. (she has very long hair) I rinsed the shampoo out using a shower head.

Afterwards I just dried it with a towel and brushed it when damp with a paddle brush. I didn’t use a hair dryer, straighteners or other styling tools. My hair felt lovely and soft, it also looked a lighter shade than it usually does and looked a lot shinier and smooth. I had no need to use straighteners, and the usual time-consuming work that I have to do to make it look smooth. I don’t have time for this so my hair was usually tied up back. Well after washing with this shampoo I was happy to wear it down. My daughter also found her hair was softer than usual and she found it easier to brush and style in her favourite pony tail.

We are both very happy with this shampoo, though we do plan to try out some of the other Faith in Nature Shampoo and Conditioners as there is so many in the range that look wonderful.
I think the best thing is apart from lovely hair is that my family are exposed to less chemicals in the home.



You can buy Faith in Nature products from

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Aloe vera gift basket


aloe vera gift set. includes 1x faith in nature shower gel and bath foam 1x faith in nature soap bar 1x bamboo face cloth 1x alone vera lip balm. presented in basket  £14

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How To Beat Cancer and Other Major Illnesses The Natural Way! Free ebook

Have you ever looked at what you are eating and exposing yourself too and how they can be harming your health and contributing to major health issues.

Every day we put things into our body, food is meant to nourish us and help us heal, give us energy but millions of people fill feed their body’s junk food, fizzy drinks and food full of chemicals and additives.

Then there is the chemicals we expose our body’s too with soaps, toothpaste, shampoo etc. The chemicals we use to clean our homes, cars, pets etc. Have you looked at what those scientific words on the ingredients list of your bottle of shampoo actually are?  I looked into what was in my babies products last year and after reading about mineral oil, stopped using products that contained it, this meant getting rid of most baby wipes, nappy creams and baby lotions and switching to natural products. (One of the best is coconut oil!)

Armed with knowledge you can make a change to what chemicals you expose yourself without even knowing. You can make changes that make a difference.

I suggest you take a look at this e-book, even if you take no notice of it and dismiss at least you have made the choice based on your own knowledge. If you find it useful that tell your friends/family about it, help educate people on harmful chemicals.

At, you can download your own copy of this e-book on how to improve your health and get rid of illnesses!

Just click the link below.

Free Ebook. 


This e-book is completely free with no catch, it is simply about educating people on how they can become healthy!  This is not medical advice from a doctor but about making changes that will benefit you help you become more healthy.

You can also buy chemical free eco friendly products at .

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baby Christmas gift

Baby Christmas Gift Set! Have a look at Free from nasty chemicals, … –

this and more gifts at my online shop. lovely eco friendly gifts.

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faith in nature aloe vera shampoo


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