Aloe vera gift basket


aloe vera gift set. includes 1x faith in nature shower gel and bath foam 1x faith in nature soap bar 1x bamboo face cloth 1x alone vera lip balm. presented in basket  £14

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How To Beat Cancer and Other Major Illnesses The Natural Way! Free ebook

Have you ever looked at what you are eating and exposing yourself too and how they can be harming your health and contributing to major health issues.

Every day we put things into our body, food is meant to nourish us and help us heal, give us energy but millions of people fill feed their body’s junk food, fizzy drinks and food full of chemicals and additives.

Then there is the chemicals we expose our body’s too with soaps, toothpaste, shampoo etc. The chemicals we use to clean our homes, cars, pets etc. Have you looked at what those scientific words on the ingredients list of your bottle of shampoo actually are?  I looked into what was in my babies products last year and after reading about mineral oil, stopped using products that contained it, this meant getting rid of most baby wipes, nappy creams and baby lotions and switching to natural products. (One of the best is coconut oil!)

Armed with knowledge you can make a change to what chemicals you expose yourself without even knowing. You can make changes that make a difference.

I suggest you take a look at this e-book, even if you take no notice of it and dismiss at least you have made the choice based on your own knowledge. If you find it useful that tell your friends/family about it, help educate people on harmful chemicals.

At, you can download your own copy of this e-book on how to improve your health and get rid of illnesses!

Just click the link below.

Free Ebook. 


This e-book is completely free with no catch, it is simply about educating people on how they can become healthy!  This is not medical advice from a doctor but about making changes that will benefit you help you become more healthy.

You can also buy chemical free eco friendly products at .

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baby Christmas gift

Baby Christmas Gift Set! Have a look at Free from nasty chemicals, … –

this and more gifts at my online shop. lovely eco friendly gifts.

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faith in nature aloe vera shampoo


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Bamboo instead of Cotton? An Eco Friendly alternative!




bambootowelsdisp_2 (1)


Bamboo is becoming a more popular eco-friendly alternative to cotton, and is being used to make a wide range of textile products as well as paper and wood!


But how is Bamboo more Eco Friendly than cotton?

Well Bamboo grows fast and there are lots of it! This means once it is harvested for production, more can be grown to replace it very quickly and it is degradable! Much better for the Eco system!

In a world of massive consumerism it is a great renewable material and this is so important due to mass production.

It can be grown easily with out the use of nasty pesticides! People are often concerned with the use of pesticides and the damage it can do to both the Eco system and our health. It is great to know that Bamboo can be grown as organic!


So that is some of the Benefits that makes Bamboo more Eco Friendly however what else makes Bamboo a great alternative to cotton for you?

Well it is super soft and feels lovely!

It is antibacterial! Great for your clothes such as T-shirts and socks!!

Bamboo socks are safe for those with diabetics too!

It is more absorbent than cotton which makes Bamboo a popular material for Cloth nappies and liners. Bamboo is also used to make bathroom towels!



If you are interested in Eco Friendly products and reducing the harm to the environment and reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in your home take a look at . A wide range of Eco Friendly products are available to buy on the online shop.  

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10 Gift Ideas! From the Eco Friendly online shop!!

10 Eco friendly christmas gifts



Well christmas is approaching so I have been thinking about christmas gifts and what I could get my family and friends for gifts! While www.claireecostuff.wikaniko sells a large range of products for daily use, such as cleaning products there is also many products that would make a fantastic gift. Some traditional and some that are more unique and fun. I have put a list together of just some of my favourites. Of course they are many more on the online shop!


1.H20 Candle Kit

You can turn a glass of water into a candle! It looks really pretty too! It is easy to create! Add food colouring to the glass of water, use a little cooking oil and add a candle wick. Fun to use different colours. Only costs £2.99 too so great for the christmas shopping budget! I will be giving one of these to my sister who loves candles!


2.Bamboo towels

 Bamboo is fast becoming an alternative to cotton! It is super soft and is grown with out the use of pesticides. They are also more absorbent that cotton. This makes this range of towels, and face cloths and excellent gift. They range in price from a face cloth just £2.49 and a full-sized bath towel £47.99 so can suit all budgets! A lovely gift for my Grandmother!

bambootowelsdisp_2 (1)

3. Bamboo Socks

You can also buy bamboo socks! If you like to get your Dad, Grandfather, partner socks, get these with a difference. They are super soft and don’t irritate the feet. Ideal for safe use by diabetics too! These will be under the tree of many of the men in myfamily year!



4. Soy Tea Lights

Candles are lovely in the winter and really add to the christmas atmosphere! Check out these wonderful Soy Tea Lights in a lovely box! They smell lovely too! £4.99 for a single candle or a gift box from £12.50!


5.Oil burner


Or how about an oil burner for someone who likes to relax and chill. Also a wide range of essential  can be brought! The oil burner is just £4.99 and essential oils are from £2.49


6.Aromatherapy Box

A box to keel your essential oils safe. this is a small lovely box that holds 6 individual oils and is made from Indian Rosewood.



7.Faith in Nature Exfoliating Face & Body Polish

Faith in Nature organic products are lovely! They smell gorgeous plus they are vegan and cruelty free. There is a range of items that would make lovely gifts including this Exfoliating Face & Body Polish for £.6.29! You can also add to the gift and get an Exfoliating Glove for £2.49! This will be my mums gift this year plus I will be adding a body lotion from the Faith In Nature range!

exglovedisp exfoliating-face-_-body-pol

8.Grow your own Llama, sheep or Turtle!

I love this! I think it is great for both kids and adults as a unique and fun gift. Plant seeds into the animal and water to create your animal as it grows its fur! £8.99! I will be gifting one of these to my daughter and her young cousins this year!


9.Solid Perfume!

Solid Perfumes without alcohol, these are hand-made,with natural waxes &organic oils. There are lovely fragrances to suit different personalities! Comes in a lovely pretty case Only £6.99


10.Orange & Grapefruit Soap Bar

A large range of natural soaps. Soap bars always make a lovely gift as they are a great treat and smell fantastic! I love this Orange & Grapefruit Bar for £3.99!


Plus one Extra one because it looks so cute. My 15month old loves books and this looks adorable for bedtime story! Lucie’s Diamonds Only £7.99!lucies-diamonds-cd-disop




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You would have seen Aloe Vera is a wide range of products such as soaps, shampoos, lotions and gels! It is possibly one of the most known botanical plants that is used in beauty products and suggested as remedy’s for a range of minor aliments!

I am sure you have had a family or friend recommend the use of Aloe Vera for at least one thing!

It has been used for thousands of years and for a very good reason!


  • you can even take it as a drink or capsule as it benefits our insides too!

  • As a drink, Aloe Vera is packed full of vitamins and aids our digestive systems! It is used to aid weight loss

  • As part of a detox diet

  • Keep a Aloe Vera gel in your first aid kit. Aloe Vera is often used to treat burns and insect bites or bruises.

  • It hydrates your skin, use an Aloe Vera soap everyday!

  • To remove your eye make up! Soothing and cooling on the eye!

  • Helps conditions your hair, making it healthy and shiny!

  • Helps reduces signs of ageing!

  • In toothpaste – promotes healthy gums!

My 11-year-old daughter has recently asked to have Aloe Vera shampoo, she has read an article on hair care which said how good Aloe Vera was for hair.

My daughter has super long hair, all the way done her back. Well it is now looking so soft and healthy. It would always look dry before hand.

She uses the Faith in Nature Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo and Faith In Nature Aloe Vera Conditioner! 


Take a look at for a wide range of Aloe Vera and Faith In Nature products!

Click like . I have a *Free give away*! Win a gift certificate to spend at the online shop on any products!

I am in the process of making Aloe Vera Gift baskets that will be for sale via my Facebook page only! I will post details when they are finished so keep an eye out for them! 🙂

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Faith in Nature organic products

Faith in Nature organic products

Faith in nature have a wonderful range of organic personal care products.

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A war against Adult Acne!

Adult Acne

When I was pregnant with my last child I had a break out of bad acne on my face.  The worse was mostly on my cheeks and it spread up to me ears and a milder break out on my chin ! My nose and forehead was completely clear

At the time I didn’t let it bother me as I put it down to pregnancy hormones and the old wifes tale that “a girl steals your beauty”! as I was having a girl!

My daughter was born 15 months ago and I expected the acne to clear up! Well it didn’t!

After a few months I went to battle against the acne.  I started trying different soaps, facial scrubs etc. I read about Azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide and looked out for these ingredients in the soaps.I even read about putting sudocrem on my face!  Not sure about this as it contains mineral oils!
Well nothing cleared it up!  The Acne was winning and most of  the treatments I used  made my skin dry and flaky. A 3 months it started to get me down and I tried to avoid meeting new people and going out to nice places. I hated having pictures taken with my new baby.  It was embarrassing being 30 and spots worse than when I was a teen!

After over a year I was still suffering with acne! I then decided to try something new! I found my weapon against this horrid acne that was effecting my life!!

Well after 3 months of a new skin regime my skin has now started to clear up! I found an amazing solution which is …………….100% natural with no harsh ingredients!!

I use a soap that is 100% TEA TREE! Nothing Else!
I dry my face with a muslin cloth
I use a TEA TREE cleanser
and a gentle moisturizer

TEA TREE oil is a natural product that comes from tree leaves in Australia! (Thanks to google I found out the tree is called Melaleuca alternifolia)

It is anti bacterial and makes a great hand cleaner as well as a household disinfectant. You can buy it as an essential oil or in a range of beauty products from soaps to shampoo! I think the stuff is amazing!!

I also switched my make up to mineral make up and switched my make up brushes to natural ones. I clean my make up brushes every week with baby bath soap!

No harsh chemicals now goes near my skin! My skin is looking so much better and healthier!

It is a must have in our house now!!

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Becoming more Eco Friendly!

A short post for my entry! 🙂

A year ago my 11-year-old daughter campaigned to become an Eco Warrior at her school.  From what I understood each class had a representative who would be in charge of getting the class room to be more eco-friendly and give ideas to their class mates on how the can become more eco-friendly!

My daughter worked hard on her campaign, she spent hours writing a speech which included demonstrations on how to make a compost heap and a water-butt!  She wrote a poem about saving water and energy and did some lovely drawing!! Her peers were obviously impressed as she got picked to be the class representative.  She came home really excited and told me all the ways we can become a greener house, after she had done talking to me, she ran up to her room and left the living room light on in the empty room, (Also in broad daylight!!!) and her video game on pause! I said to her “how can you tell us how to be more eco-friendly when you’re not doing the smallest thing to help” I reminded her she could be doing stuff herself to be more eco-friendly and then she can tell others what she is doing rather than just be telling people what they should be doing!

Around this time I had also just had a baby who was 2 months old, I was concerned about what products I was using on her and what they contained.  People had given us gifts of baby lotion, oils, nappy creams and wipes and most of them are still unopened in our cupboard! I didn’t know what was in these products that my babies new-born skin would be exposed too. I researched all the ingredients and made up a list of things I am happy to use. I always try to use natural stuff first!

So as a home we are making steps to become more eco-friendly and thinking about what products we use! What damage they can be doing to us, our home and the environment!



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