Would you buy used toys for Christmas gifts?

I asked this as the past couple of years, I have changed how we shop for christmas.

Christmas can often be an expensive and wasteful time of the year. In the current climate it is important to save money as well as become more resourceful. It is also important to reduce waste. I have two children to buy gifts. One who will be almost 18 months and one who will be almost 12 years. I admit in the past I have often felt I had to get my daughter as much as I could possible afford without using credit or getting into debt.  If there wasn’t many gifts for her under the tree I would feel bad.

Two years ago she wanted a Nintendo Wii with a couple of games. This is cost more than I would usually pay for a christmas gift for her. So this was the first time I looked into buying used gifts. She got her Nintendo Wii and games, now granted it didn’t come in a box or packaging however this is no problem. In fact less waste and rubbish to dispose off. Two year later the game system is still working fine and my daughter even buys pre owned games out of her own money. She knows she can get more games this way. She never complained about getting used items as she knows she would not have them otherwise.

Last year I struggled with what to get my oldest daughter. She was just about to turn 11. She didn’t need much so I brought stuff just so she would have something to open. She enjoyed playing with the science set and magic kits we got her however many of the gifts are still unopened a year later. So these unopened gifts will be getting wrapped up and donated to a charity this year. We have decided that we will be only buying her gifts that she needs and we know she will use, even if she doesn’t have as many gifts. She has also got a lovely new dressed brought used which she is over the moon with.

For my toddler, we have brought used toys for her this Christmas. She has got a lovely train set and a few wooden toys. I know she will love them. Nearly all her clothes we have brought her in the past have been pre owned and in excellent condition, and she has only a few toys that have been brought new. The stuff is in excellent condition with plenty of use still left so I see no reason why not to. She has lots of fun playing with her toys and is neatly dressed and tidy. In fact we can get better quality clothes and toys that we would buy new. Her train set cost us £10 and would have cost us £60 new! We would not spend £60 of one toy. It would be such a shame if these items were just thrown away. If they are still in good condition when we have finished with them, we to will pass them on to someone else rather than just throw them away.

So I think the benefits of buying used –

1.Saves money

2.Less waste

3.Can get better stuff for the same amount of money.

4.Helping others earn a little money by buying their unwanted items.

5.More Eco Friendly


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2 Responses to Would you buy used toys for Christmas gifts?

  1. Our goal for this year is to buy EVERYONE’s gifts second hand, or otherwise make them (using mostly second hand materials). I totally agree with you about christmas being so wasteful. As a child I received oodles of gifts my mother couldn’t afford, many of which I never even played with. Good on you!!

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