Eco Pets! 5 eco friendly products for your pet.

Pets are members of your family too, so today I thought I would share some Eco Friendly products for your pets.

Here a 5 products for your pet.

Neem & Coconut Pet Shampoo

treat your pet to this shampoo, so easy to use and rinse out. It contains Neem, which is an amazing anti bacterial and anti fungal herb that is use widely to treat skin conditions and to for healthy shiny hair. Used on your dog it will help prevent insects, ticks, ringworm and fleas.


Buy this product here

Libby Chan Smelly Pet Tonic


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Libby Chan Smelly pet tonic is a natural tonic that is made from edible ingredients and is pet friendly.

(Product description)

The big cleaning manufacturers keep telling us to kill all known germs dead, that a sterile environment is a clean & healthy environment and that we should be downright scared of touching anything that hasn’t been flooded with gallons of chemicals or anti-bacterial cleaners. Some of us know that this approach is far from healthy and frankly dangerous for us, our families and our pets. By killing all bacteria you also kill all the beneficial strains that live with us & help us & our pets build and maintain resistance to the bad. You also INCREASE the number of bad bacteria in your home – this is because the ONLY thing that can compete with bad bacteria for the space & food is other bacteria! By killing all the good the bad just come back stronger, faster and more resilient than before.

The most effective way to combat this is to use a friendly bacterial fighting force so the clever folk at My Living Water UK have created Libby’s Smelly Pet Tonic. A probiotic cleaner & odour eater concentrate made from all natural products containing friendly & beneficial bacteria. These bacteria create a balanced microbial environment by producing enzymes which break down odours, grease, dirt and grime. With continued use, Libby’s Smelly Pet Tonic probiotic cleaner & odour eater creates a natural, clean, healthy and balanced home eco-system; chemical free and safe for you, your family & your pet!

Concentrated formula, 500ml bottle makes 2.5 Litres of product!

 Billy No Mates Tincture

 A totally natural flea, mite repellent. No nasty chemicals for your pet! Add to your pets food. Also helps promote a health coat for your pet. Only a small amount required so lasts for ages!


Buy this product here

Roast Beef Bones
Treat your dog to some hand-made yummy Roast beef bones. Made from the best ingredients, as only the best for your dog.


You can buy dog treats here.

Doggy wash mitt

Get your dog all lovely and clean easier. This is great for removing all dirt from your dog and also helps you use less shampoo.


buy this from here

Buy your Eco Friendly pet products from my Online Shop as well as a range of other products, for you, your home, and family.

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