A war against Adult Acne!

Adult Acne

When I was pregnant with my last child I had a break out of bad acne on my face.  The worse was mostly on my cheeks and it spread up to me ears and a milder break out on my chin ! My nose and forehead was completely clear

At the time I didn’t let it bother me as I put it down to pregnancy hormones and the old wifes tale that “a girl steals your beauty”! as I was having a girl!

My daughter was born 15 months ago and I expected the acne to clear up! Well it didn’t!

After a few months I went to battle against the acne.  I started trying different soaps, facial scrubs etc. I read about Azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide and looked out for these ingredients in the soaps.I even read about putting sudocrem on my face!  Not sure about this as it contains mineral oils!
Well nothing cleared it up!  The Acne was winning and most of  the treatments I used  made my skin dry and flaky. A 3 months it started to get me down and I tried to avoid meeting new people and going out to nice places. I hated having pictures taken with my new baby.  It was embarrassing being 30 and spots worse than when I was a teen!

After over a year I was still suffering with acne! I then decided to try something new! I found my weapon against this horrid acne that was effecting my life!!

Well after 3 months of a new skin regime my skin has now started to clear up! I found an amazing solution which is …………….100% natural with no harsh ingredients!!

I use a soap that is 100% TEA TREE! Nothing Else!
I dry my face with a muslin cloth
I use a TEA TREE cleanser
and a gentle moisturizer

TEA TREE oil is a natural product that comes from tree leaves in Australia! (Thanks to google I found out the tree is called Melaleuca alternifolia)

It is anti bacterial and makes a great hand cleaner as well as a household disinfectant. You can buy it as an essential oil or in a range of beauty products from soaps to shampoo! I think the stuff is amazing!!

I also switched my make up to mineral make up and switched my make up brushes to natural ones. I clean my make up brushes every week with baby bath soap!

No harsh chemicals now goes near my skin! My skin is looking so much better and healthier!

It is a must have in our house now!!



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I am a independent distributor for WIKANIKO.
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