Becoming more Eco Friendly!

A short post for my entry! 🙂

A year ago my 11-year-old daughter campaigned to become an Eco Warrior at her school.  From what I understood each class had a representative who would be in charge of getting the class room to be more eco-friendly and give ideas to their class mates on how the can become more eco-friendly!

My daughter worked hard on her campaign, she spent hours writing a speech which included demonstrations on how to make a compost heap and a water-butt!  She wrote a poem about saving water and energy and did some lovely drawing!! Her peers were obviously impressed as she got picked to be the class representative.  She came home really excited and told me all the ways we can become a greener house, after she had done talking to me, she ran up to her room and left the living room light on in the empty room, (Also in broad daylight!!!) and her video game on pause! I said to her “how can you tell us how to be more eco-friendly when you’re not doing the smallest thing to help” I reminded her she could be doing stuff herself to be more eco-friendly and then she can tell others what she is doing rather than just be telling people what they should be doing!

Around this time I had also just had a baby who was 2 months old, I was concerned about what products I was using on her and what they contained.  People had given us gifts of baby lotion, oils, nappy creams and wipes and most of them are still unopened in our cupboard! I didn’t know what was in these products that my babies new-born skin would be exposed too. I researched all the ingredients and made up a list of things I am happy to use. I always try to use natural stuff first!

So as a home we are making steps to become more eco-friendly and thinking about what products we use! What damage they can be doing to us, our home and the environment!



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